Swimming Headphones FlowMotion Versa - FlowMotion
Swimming Headphones FlowMotion Versa - FlowMotion

Swimming Headphones FlowMotion Versa

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FlowMotion Versa is the most versatile and technologically advanced headset out there. Have a look how it's different from the best swimming headphones on the market.

This model will be available in limited quantities. The shipping date will be 5 February, 2024. Pre order FlowMotion Versa to secure availability for you. Free 2 day delivery.

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Fully waterproof IP68 rating. Underwater headphones can be submerged in water up to 2 meters for 2 hours.

By transmitting sound through the bone, not the inner ear, bone conduction headphones offer a more hygienic and healthier option for your workout headphones.


Open Ear Design ensures your safety and awareness in the surroundings.


Bluetooth 5.3 allows smooth streaming from Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube, etc.


32G built-in card allows to enjoy your favourite tracks when streaming isn't an option, i.e. when swimming.


8-hour battery life ensures you're always ready for action with your workout earbuds.


Why choose FlowMotion M1 Pro

FlowMotion M1 Pro Comparison Chart with other headphones


These headphones rest on the user's cheekbones, avoiding the ears entirely. This feature makes them a fantastic alternative for those who find in-ear buds uncomfortable or who wear hearing aids.

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