Your movement is limitless

We take care of the sound

Your Training. Your Environment. Your sound.

Train the way you love

Our workout headphones are designed to make your movement limitless and to support your training of the highest intensity. The 8 hour battery and Bluetooth 5.3 provide comprehensive support for audio streaming and turn your sessions into your personal zone so you can focus on what you love to do and sound will follow.

In the environment you choose

FlowMotion headphones have the highest waterproof and dustproof rating IP68 which supports your training in the snow, water, rain, dirt - you choose the conditions. Open-ear design allows you to hear your surroundings on the road so you don't have to pick between your favourite music and training outdoors.

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Enjoying the sound that drives you

Our headphones use Bone Conduction technology that is a healthier alternative to conventional earbuds. Listen to your music and podcasts in a hygienic way without sacrificing sound quality. Want to train without your phone or in open water/swimming pool? 32GB memory card allows you to use headphones without phone and in water - just upload your tunes and enjoy!

Swimming Headphones FlowMotion M1 Pro - FlowMotion
Swimming Headphones FlowMotion M1 Pro - FlowMotion
Swimming Headphones FlowMotion M1 Pro - FlowMotion
Swimming Headphones FlowMotion M1 Pro
Swimming Headphones FlowMotion M1 Pro - FlowMotion
Swimming Headphones FlowMotion M1 Pro - FlowMotion
Swimming Headphones FlowMotion M1 Pro - FlowMotion

Swimming Headphones FlowMotion M1 Pro

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FlowMotion M1 Pro swimming headset is perfect for both open water and pool swimming, cycling, running, gym workouts of various levels of intensity. You can also use this versatile device for handling calls and joining virtual meetings. Use it for your morning walks with audiobooks or podcasts, make tedious tasks fun with music, or for hands-free use during other activities. 

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M1 Pro Features

waterproof IP68 icon

Fully waterproof IP68 rating. Underwater headphones can be submerged in water up to 2 meters for 2 hours.

bone conduction headphones icon

By transmitting sound through the bone, not the inner ear, bone conduction headphones offer a more hygienic and healthier option for your workout headphones.


Open Ear Design ensures your safety and awareness in the surroundings.


Bluetooth 5.3 allows smooth streaming from Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube, etc.


32G built-in card allows to enjoy your favourite tracks when streaming isn't an option, i.e. when swimming.


8-hour battery life ensures you're always ready for action with your workout earbuds.


Why choose FlowMotion M1 Pro

FlowMotion M1 Pro Comparison Chart with other headphones


Yes, M1 Pro are fully waterproof with IP68 rating meaning they can be submerged up to 2 meters for up to 2 hours. They are also perfect for both salt/fresh/pool water.

Yes, they are suitable for all kinds of workouts.

No, you can enjoy a private listening experience with M1 Pro

Yes, they will stay in place thanks to their secure fit and neckband. 

Yes, and you are also able to adjust the volume by touching the volume buttons.

Yes, FlowMotion M1 Pro are bone conduction headphones meaning they do not go inside your ear and block your hearing canal. They sit on top of your cheekbone leaving your ear canal open and unblocked.

8 hours after full charge.

Yes, they are very lightweight, just 1.02 oz.

Yes they are very comfortable to wear for prolonged periods. Unlike traditional over ear or in ear headphones which many people find uncomfortable, FlowMotion M1 Pro features a unique fit which is proven to be more comfortable.

Yes, these headphones don’t go inside the ear, thus making them more hygienic than traditional headphones/earbuds. And you can even share your headphones with others because of their hygienic fit.

Bone conduction headphones are especially useful for people who have hearing loss due to an absence of an ear canal, issues with the eardrum, or other middle/outer ear pathology because they bypass the middle and outer ear portions of the hearing pathway.

Yes, 1 year.

FlowMotion M1 Pro headphones, 2 cables, USB-C adapter, adjustable strap, manual, carry pouch.